Eastern Horizons

China and Russia have been ravaged by a nuclear war that has killed millions and displaced countless more. Faced with an unstoppable tsunami of refugees Western governments are forced to close their borders to those seeking escape from the chaos in Asia. In Ottawa, politicians on the left and right grapple for the soul of a country crippled by toxic rains, failed crops and economic collapse while 16 nautical miles off the coast of British Columbia the crew of the Royal Canadian Navy’s HMCS Warrior is forced to make an awesome decision when it encounters a ship full of refugees.

What is our individual and collective capacity for compassion? If the world came to an end for a billion people what would we do as citizens, and as a nation, to offer them safety? Would we close our doors and let their pain pass us by or would we welcome the destitute into our homes at a time when we did not even have enough for ourselves? How many could we let in before it became too much? One million? Five? Ten? And how could we forgive ourselves when we finally reach our limits and say no to those in need?

Told primarily through the perspective of Clara Lewis, a deeply troubled veteran, and Sophia Chen, a mother desperately trying to save her family from a world torn apart by hate, this book examines the limits of failure and redemption. Set high in the mountains of British Columbia, deep in the Philippine jungle and on the rugged coastline of northern Newfoundland it tells of a world faced by insane choices, unforgivable decisions, and the efforts of everyone to reclaim their humanity and atone for their sins.

What did they do?

What would you do?

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